On Your Camera

Actionable insights from highly accurate AI models on your camera.

No additional server hardware or network connection required - which makes it secure, reliable and cost effective.

Object Analytics solutions

Our Object Analytics platform, installed on your (security) camera, allows you to deploy a variety of Object Analytics solutions. It leverages the latest AI hardware and - models to produce events and insights from your (security) cameras.

on your.camera Object Analytics platform

Unique to our platform is that we allow you to deploy, configure and run Object Analytics solutions entirely on your (security) camera.

Six reasons for using our platform:

Highly accurate objects of interest detection

Never miss a critical event and don’t get overwhelmed by false positives. With the state-of-the-art AI models, we only detect objects of interest. No video data quality loss in compression and transmission as we operate directly on the video source.

Location specific AI model

We provide the capability to create a location specific AI model to achieve the highest possible model accuracy when our pre-trained model is not sufficient for you. You can classify your object images from your camera and we will deliver a camera software package with the new AI model.


No server on the edge or in a cloud is required! Your camera does it all. This eliminates the need for buying and maintaining (cloud or edge) server infrastructure. For remote locations it's often nice not to be dependant on an (often unreliable and expensive) 4G connection.


Respond to an intruder or critical business event in milliseconds! All the business logic to process the data from the video channel runs on the camera, up to 10 times per second.

Privacy First

You don’t need to stream all video content to a central location continously. Only push the events of interest to a Video Management Systems and synchronize the video content when needed.

Self Service

No Data Scientist or IT Expert required to configure, deploy or run the solution. It comes with easy-to-use configuration panel and analytics view hosted on your camera. Export CSV data if you want to.

Realize the AI promise

In the past few years, a lot of innovation has come available in the domain of AI and Computer Vision. However, it's only the bigger tech companies that can affort the often complex, expensive and risky effort to adopt it. We have done the hard work to package these innovations in our platform. Now you can start using them, without any code to write, model to train or server to buy.

What AI-based video analytics solutions can deliver?

  • Detect standard objects like persons/cars/bicycles/motors or custom objects and behavior
  • React to events like a line crossing or intrusion
  • No more false detection by pixel movement of animals, rain, trees, etc.
  • Track movement or behaviour of objects

It is our mission to make latest AI innovations easily available on your.camera.

'Serverless Edge'

Security and privacy concerns are already pushing video analytics to the edge – no more sensitive data over risky cables and remote (cloud) storage.

However, not every edge location needs a server, big industry players like Microsoft, Google and Axis are already moving into this direction. A lot of edge scenario's don't require a server.

Compatible cameras

AXIS AI Capable Camera's

The Axis cameras with a Deep Learning Processing Unit (DLPU) will run our solutions directly. Try or buy our software license here.


Not in the possession of an Axis DLPU camera yet? No problem! Our platform can also run in collaboration with your camera. To make this happen, we append a small device to your camera that includes the AI chip. This companion device has a pricepoint of €150,- and can supercharge any camera that has a stream that we can access.

Location specific AI model

We know that every location and context is unique. Given the constrained environment of a camera device, building a model that reaches 100% accuracy in every location is not feasable.

With our platform we let you 'finetune' our standard models with data from your location. You don't have to be a data scientist. From our experience we can tell that with 100 location specific images per object type the accuracy of the detection will increase with 5%-10%.

You need to collect the required data, we do the hard work of training the AI model with the delivery of a software package for your camera.

About us

On Your Camera is a product developed by Vision Intelligence.

Our mission is to make AI Video Analytics available for everyone.


AI Video analytics Solution type List price (ex VAT) Unit Action
Traffic analytics EUR 1055,- Per camera (serialnumber based) Purchase
Intrusion detection EUR 997,- Per camera (serialnumber based) Purchase
Your scenario Custom price Per camera (serialnumber based) Contact
Location specific AI model EUR 297,- Per model training iteration Purchase
Support and maintenance 15% of license price Per camera (serial number based) Purchase

We offer a one week free trial license (per camera). If you need more than 10 licenses, please reach out to our sales for a quote for a volume license.

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We are in the progress of building network of certified system integration partners to support our solutions. Our website will contain video guidance on how to install, configure and run our solutions.

Technology Partners

Together we can achieve more, we work closely together with the companies listed below.


On Your Camera has tight integration with the Axis Application platform. Configure via the on-camera management portal and subscribe to our events.



If you want, our platform can integrate with the Microsoft Azure IoT suite directly. Ingest events and telemetry data or configure our solution via a secure cloud backend.

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