Every business context could be a bit different.

One of our platform design goals is that it needs to be able to learn about new object types and scenarios (trigger, condition and action).

In 4 steps we are able to identify if we can turn your scenario into a solution.

If you're interested in exploring how the onyour.camera Object Analytics platform can support you to turn your specific scenaro into a reality. Let's meet! We'd love to spend some time with you, inspire you and explore the art of the possible together!


on your.camera Object Analytics platform

Unique to our platform is that we allow you to deploy, configure and run Object Analytics solutions entirely on your (security) camera.

Six reasons for using our platform:

Highly accurate objects of interest detection

Never miss a critical event and don’t get overwhelmed by false positives. With the state-of-the-art AI models, we only detect objects of interest. No video data quality loss in compression and transmission as we operate directly on the video source.

Location specific AI model

We provide the capability to create a location specific AI model to achieve the highest possible model accuracy when our pre-trained model is not sufficient for you. You can classify your object images from your camera and we will deliver a camera software package with the new AI model.


No server on the edge or in a cloud is required! Your camera does it all. This eliminates the need for buying and maintaining (cloud or edge) server infrastructure. For remote locations it's often nice not to be dependant on an (often unreliable and expensive) 4G connection.


Respond to an intruder or critical business event in milliseconds! All the business logic to process the data from the video channel runs on the camera, up to 10 times per second.

Privacy First

You don’t need to stream all video content to a central location continously. Only push the events of interest to a Video Management Systems and synchronize the video content when needed.

Self Service

No Data Scientist or IT Expert required to configure, deploy or run the solution. It comes with easy-to-use configuration panel and analytics view hosted on your camera. Export CSV data if you want to.